Affiliate Disclosure

My goal with Be That Place is to give parents everything they need to create really authentic conversations in their families.

Since I believe in gaining perspective that helps us teach our children well and treat each other right, I recognize that other expert voices have much to contribute to this goal.

With that in mind, you’ll notice that some of my blog posts have links that lead you to specific affiliate products. I also have links throughout the site that lead you to which houses all of the affiliate products I promote. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

All affiliate products that I link to are found through my own efforts. I promote ZERO sponsored products. I only suggest products that I love, paid retail price for, and feel strongly have the potential to help you gain the information, perspective, and skills necessary to create home environments that thrive. In other words, I love the products I promote.

With this in mind, please note that Be That Place is a for-profit business and any purchase you make through affiliate links may give Be That Place a small commission. Thanks! This is one of many ways people like you support my mission to continue creating content that rocks.