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Parents have been told for ages that conversations about sexuality are awkward. We’re here to change that.  That’s why we help parents know how to talk to kids about sex — before someone else does.

Sharing family memories
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It’s no secret that our kids are getting much of their sex ed online — it’s a booming source of loud, stimulating and curiosity-satisfying information. Kids have questions and entertainment media is where they go for answers. Do you know why?

Because families aren’t talking about it! We know this firsthand.

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We help families rock a lifetime of real conversation minus the awkward. We choose to be that place that creates opportunities for informative and entertaining conversations — not excuses for silence.

We like clean humor. It’s just who we are.

Dad talking to daughter while BBQing
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Everyone knows that teens need great information to help them make good choices and identify personal values. But not many parents are aware that kids should be learning about sexuality long before they discover their reproductive superpowers.

Our Parent Hub helps you teach kids ages 4-14 to prepare for life’s biggest changes.

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We introduce you to books from well-respected experts in fields such as sexual and health education, psychology, social and emotional learning, relationships and communication, and child development.

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Kids have questions about sexuality. Parents hope to have answers. Every kid deserves a safe place to learn about their changing body without awkwardness stopping the conversation before it can start.

We’re doing the hard work, but we need your help.

Mom playing catch with son
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We’re built on the energy of individuals who are tired of self-destructive sexuality being masked as self-love. Our kids are unique and their needs are too diverse, that’s why we work hard to get every family talking everywhere.

Drop the awkward. We make it easy.