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We’re passionate about the topic of teaching sex ed at home and continue to actively work on projects.

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Phase One Project

Mini classes for parents.

By the time we’re done, we’ll have classes that cover conversations with ages 4 to 14 for a variety of sex ed topics. Click on any class below to learn more.

Catch the vision.

Be That Place has a BIG vision for this conversation movement. Discover what your payment will help us achieve and how you can change this conversation for kids everywhere.

Phase One

We’re creating a hub for parents.

Parents need to get on board with the big picture of sex ed because there are a lot of other voices shaping this conversation for our kids.

The truth is ALL kids grow up to be sexually mature adults. It’s time for parents to take an active role in the conversation.

* We’re actively working on projects in this phase.

Phase Two

We’re designing a revolutionary space for kids.

Parents should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to their kids’ sex education.

Be That Place plans to create an online, safe space for kids that gives parents control over what topics their child learns and at what age.

* Future phase

Phase Three

We’re building a bridge for school and family.

Schools and parents CAN work together when they know they’re on the same team.

Be That Place plans to create a content and communication bridge so that schools can teach accurate information and parents can continue the conversation at home.

* Future phase

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* Be That Place is a for-profit company working hard to amplify a movement we strongly believe in.