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Phase One (where we’re at now)

We’re creating a hub for parents.

Phase one is all about equipping PARENTS with information, skills and motivation to move this conversation forward in their own home.

Parents need to get on board with the big picture of sex ed because there are a lot of other voices shaping this conversation for our kids.

We start with parents because kids NEED their parents to be the focused voice that offers accurate information, perspective, and encouragement to use values to guide actions.

The big picture

Kids need to understand who they are and how sexuality and relationships fit INTO that understanding — not take it over.

Healthy sexuality is shaped by our beliefs, opinions, long-term perspective, and actions. Parents are the perfect match to guide this conversation.

Phase One has three projects:

1. Mini classes

Mini classes for parents connect the dots so that parents know what to say, when to say it and how to cultivate a relationship of open and honest conversation with their kids.

Mini classes are online, self-paced, and actionable so that parents can hit the ground running. They stay focused on a specific age or topic and can be completed in an hour.

2. Parent blog

Designed to be 5 minute reads that offer insight, information and tips.

The Parent Blog will cover some of the most asked sex ed topics on the internet. Posts are organized by age to allow for age-appropriate conversation.

All blog posts will be FREE.

3. Recommended books

Finding appropriate AND interesting sex ed books for kids is HARD. That’s why we do the hard work for you. Have peace of mind that your kiddo is reading quality stuff.

We also recommend books for parents that intersect with this conversation. You’ll see books on parenting, child development, relationships and communication.

Phase Two

We’re designing a revolutionary space for kids.

Phase Two is all about making sure our KIDS have a safe space to learn about sex ed while cultivating respect, values and healthy relationships.

We want to create a revolutionary online space for kids that puts parents in the driver’s seat. In this space, parents can select what content their kids see and at what age it’s shown.

This space would allow every family to shape this conversation in the way that’s right for their own family throughout their kids’ growing up years.

The big picture

Kids will always have questions about their body, sexuality and relationships.

Curiosity is the biggest reason kids come across inaccurate, unhealthy or dangerous sexual content online.

If kids are already familiar with an online space that focuses on honestly answering their questions, they’ll be less likely to look elsewhere.

Phase Two has two projects:

1. A safe space online

Our online space for kids will be divided by age so that content is always age-appropriate. Parents will be able to opt in to the content they want their kids to see. Content will be professionally created and may consist of video, text, images, and interactive elements.

This space will be designed to anticipate common questions, to prepare kids for the changes of puberty and sexual maturity, and to help kids understand the components of healthy relationships — the overall objectives of a quality sex ed program.

Since sexuality is entertwined with our beliefs and opinions, it will also focus on guiding kids to consider what they think and feel about any given topic. This will enable quality conversation as a family.

2. Original books

I’ve discovered that sex ed books for kids are often unengaging, developmentally inappropriate, downright disrespectful of sexuality or self-worth, or teach principles that would prove distastrous for truly authentic relationships.

That’s a problem!

I want to create books that address these issues. They’ll focus on connecting sex ed with child development so that content is always engaging, accurate, appropriate, informative, creatively presented and parent-approved.

Phase Three

We’re building a bridge for school and family.

Phase Three is all about making sure our SCHOOLS have the tools they need to communicate openly and transparently with families about what’s being taught in the classroom.

This is good practice for a lot of reasons:

  • It helps parents and teachers understand they can be on the same team in teaching these topics.
  • It allows teachers to present accurate information and gives parents the opportunity to shape that information according to beliefs and opinions.
  • It acknowledges that these topics are complex while simultaneously aiming to prepare kids for the reality of sexual maturity.

The big picture

Both school and home want what’s best for kids. The problem is there is a difference of opinion on what’s best.

Communication and content bridges can help provide transparency around this topic.

Phase Three has two projects:

1. Content bridge

Our online space for kids will also be accessible to teachers. When teachers and parents have access to the same information, there will be a high level of transparency in these topics.

2. School-like curriculum

Whether homeschooling or public schooling, teachers will have the tools they need to formally teach these topics throughout childhood. 

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