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As parents we are often looking for expert strategies to help us raise our kids. What we sometimes forget, is that WE are everything our kids need. Our relationship with them, our intuition, our confidence in our role as provider and guide is the best influence for growing naturally immature kids into the people we hope they become.

Using the Neufeld approach to relational development, Deborah MacNamara helps parents understand childhood: personality, connection, attachment, frustration and discipline. She teaches parents to recognize how kids want to attach to them AND the struggles that are bound to happen when they don’t. She alerts parents to the downfalls of popular parenting tactics that slowly break the strong bond that should exist between a parent and child and shows us what to do instead.


This book is best for parents that want their relationship with their child to endure through the ups and downs of imperfect parenting. It will help parents see their child for who they really are and give their child the opportunity to rest, play and grow in their loving care.