Our Team

Camille Everett

Camille Everett

Creator of Be That Place

Camille has designed Be That Place to power a movement to start the conversation in every family everywhere. She is a graduate of Utah State University with a bachelor’s in Secondary Health Education and Secondary English Education. Her favorite weekday evenings include the kids putting themselves to bed on time so that she has a good hour of doing what she loves — reading.

Katie Rasmussen

Freelance Artist

Katie is an artist/illustrator. She has always had a love of all things art and has dabbled in several mediums, although her main strengths are with graphite, marker, and watercolor. Katie is also an educator and taught high school history classes for several years, as well as occasional art courses. She is a graduate of Utah State University. Katie loves baking, listening to audio books or podcasts, enjoying the outdoors, and spending time with her wonderful friends and family.