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Rich nuggets of child development milestones and insight are interspersed throughout the chapters of this book. This insight is enriched with lots of real life examples. This book is truly a masterpiece for individuals that want to think deeply about how to best support their young child in these critical, formative years.

Erika Christakis is an educator at the Yale Child Study Center where she teaches child development and education policy. With this unique combination of perspectives, she has created a thoughtful, deep dive into how the environments that we have created for our little ones may either foster or suppress young kids’ natural talent to learn. She explores many perspectives of education policy and common parenting advice through the use of extensive research, clinical experience, and personal insight.


This book is great for parents that would like to understand the big picture of young childhood — its purpose and how adults can support it. It’s also wonderful for parents that feel pressure and overwhelm at the thought of making sure their child succeeds in school and goes to the right schools. It’s best for adults that appreciate more complex, research-based literature.