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Conversations change lives.
It’s that simple.

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Too many people spend too much time making good look bad and bad look good, but our kids are built for a different future then the one being handed to them today.

That’s why we choose to be that place that creates opportunities for authentic conversations — not excuses for silence.

Experience shows that conversations about real issues help kids discern between messages that exploit character and messages that build character.

Teen receiving a sexting request
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Being mindful of authentic, give-and-take communication.

Recognizing natural conversation starters.

Knowing what to say and when to say it.

Identifying expert resources to expand perspective and gain practical skills.

Removing the awkward and adding clean humor.

Understanding how child development informs how kids think.

Being approachable no matter the topic.

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Daughter showing Dad sexting request
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Kids need to recognize the many examples of healthy and positive sexuality around them — and understand the counterfeit entertainment they find online and in popular media.


Genuine love is not one-sided or self-serving. It’s the kind that sees who you can become — not just who you are today.


Bodies are designed to be treated with dignity. Our kids should know they are more than someone else’s sexual object.

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want kids to see messages that build character, not exploit it.


refuse to let self-destructive sexuality be masked as self-love.


aim to prepare kids to understand how puberty changes everything.


uphold the truth that sexuality does not define self-worth.


expect important questions to be answered through the lens of individual family values.


believe parents should be the go-to sexuality educators, not the internet and not friends.


understand that real relationships are built on genuine love for the whole person.

Dad and daughter riding electric scooter

We choose to #bethatplace.